Vegan Food Can Be Good? | Eat It Or Yeet It #13: Vegan Taste Test

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Eat It Or Yeet It is back and we're gonna find out if vegan food can actually be good!
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Samantha Collett
Samantha Collett Acum 2 Zile
Guys... I think Shayne may have been one of the people who spun around the plate with the food on it
Jaketendo Acum 4 Zile
“Is there meat in that?” Asked Jackie on a vegan edition of “Eat It or Yeet It”
Octavia Fausett
Octavia Fausett Acum 5 Zile
Question: since vegans don't use animal products they don't use wool right?
Octavia Fausett
Octavia Fausett Acum 5 Zile
I will never be vegan..... I love meat too much!
Taylor VG
Taylor VG Acum 6 Zile
I don’t get how they didn’t immediately know it’s aloe?? Damien was close but was certain it wasn’t aloe and i was like what?? Especially them being in Cali lmao
Y6, and J10
Y6, and J10 Acum 16 Zile
Wait they don't know what aloe vera is???
gfetyghdfghdfghdf fwefrdsfsdfsd
gfetyghdfghdfghdf fwefrdsfsdfsd Acum 18 Zile
The uncovered alibi cellularly sigh because patient provisionally plan regarding a unique ellipse. sad, tasteful increase
•milkandcookies• Acum 18 Zile
How come no one knew it was Aloe o.o
Jamie Riccardo
Jamie Riccardo Acum 23 Zile
Keith is genuinely vile in these
oscar escarcega
oscar escarcega Acum lună
I always wondered why Jackie decided to steal Damien's best friend Shayne from him, and after seeing Damien reject her offer to lady and the tramp a pickle, I understand completely now.
MKRocker94 Acum lună
Thing is, most vegan food isn't that bad. You just have to question what the fuck is actually going on when they try to make shit that EMULATES real meat. Like you knew what you were getting into when you went vegan. You don't get to commit crimes against humanity by faking meat, aight?
EDMPunkFire77 Acum lună
Mari literally thought the frosting was mayo. Yet she forgets mayo isn't vegan because it has eggs in it
The Dethier Crew
The Dethier Crew Acum 15 Zile
you can get vegan mayo and it tastes like real mayo
Lingiune Acum lună
If you say you don’t love Garrett you know damn well that’s a lie he’s an amazing person
Todo BakuDeku
Todo BakuDeku Acum lună
😮Hand model revealed!
Liam Phillips
Liam Phillips Acum lună
Wait wouldn’t molasses be considered an animal product therefore making it not vegan ? Anyone shed some light in this for me
MotleyNerd Acum lună
I feel cheated. I came here for Eat It Or Yeet It, not vegan propaganda lol
NAHArawr Acum lună
Damien's name and @ are spelt wrong in the intro.
armenianply Acum lună
Umm how soon they forget Noah had kool aid pickles on his show put it in my mouth.
Merlin Aldan
Merlin Aldan Acum 2 luni
Great Job
Felipe Huerta
Felipe Huerta Acum 2 luni
Of course the vegan edition has only good food 🤦‍♂️
Raktoner Acum 2 luni
Shayne: Not there Garrett: All Good Food Time
FallenIntoSpace Acum 2 luni
Legit everything they had looked good, well, except for the aloe... I like my aloe a little sweeter
Rei Rei Rei
Rei Rei Rei Acum 2 luni
Jessica Bowman
Jessica Bowman Acum 2 luni
I saw the kool-aid pickles and got to mf excited. They are my absolute favorite. Especially with the tropical punch flavor bomb af
Stiofan Beam
Stiofan Beam Acum 2 luni
Yes! I knew there was a reason I connected with Garrett. I'm a vegetarian, as well. That fauxducken sounds and looks good. Kool-aid is not vegan, but I digress.
Pesky Phil
Pesky Phil Acum 2 luni
I uhh eat aloe all the time
Maii Li
Maii Li Acum 2 luni
Me and Damien will get along. I have high tolerance and tend to like weird combinations of flavors too. Haha
The Breakdown
The Breakdown Acum 2 luni
So who wants to play "the real reason keith didnt think jackie was gonna like the first dish " ? Lol
The Gaming Wolf
The Gaming Wolf Acum 2 luni
why does Keith look like an important Zelda NPC?
Reagan Wade
Reagan Wade Acum 2 luni
LOL! Kool-aid pickles are a normal thing in the south
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Acum 2 luni
Well, at least Jackie got to meet Mari. So sad that this was Mari's last Pit video. God do I miss her so bad.
A Love
A Love Acum 2 luni
Future Eat it or Yeat it idea- all of the recipes are made with vegan ingredients but look like meat. Some good. Some bad. And at the very end Garrett reveals that none of it was real meat!
Kevski🎵 Acum 2 luni
So no ones ever seen aloe vera
Moonlit _Shadows
Moonlit _Shadows Acum 2 luni
Its actually concerning that none of them knew that was aloe vera
Moonlit _Shadows
Moonlit _Shadows Acum 2 luni
We need an episode that courtney participates in
Angelina Tabary
Angelina Tabary Acum 2 luni
I’m kinda shocked they didn’t know what an aloe leaf was or what an actual spring roll is.
Sir OCTAVIOUS Acum 3 luni
I don’t like Jackie being in smosh
Peter Harris
Peter Harris Acum 3 luni
This is seriously like 10 years after cool aid pickles and they all had no clue? Come on
Brianna Bahlmann
Brianna Bahlmann Acum 3 luni
I miss having a giant aloe plant. It was my face wash, nice little snack, and my sunburn relief. I miss Peru.
Charles McElroy
Charles McElroy Acum 3 luni
Plant yolk
KitKats KitKat jr.
KitKats KitKat jr. Acum 3 luni
Shayne freaking topp competeing and Courtney freaking miller being host..yassss
Abraham Kaleab Yemane
Abraham Kaleab Yemane Acum 3 luni
So no one know what aloe is?!
Derek Barrett
Derek Barrett Acum 3 luni
I feel like the food used to be so much nastier back in the day
JaayJaayy Acum 3 luni
i just keep rewinding the part when damien said "you can just say stand off thats rude"
Emma Ditchman
Emma Ditchman Acum 3 luni
garrett needs to drop the thanksgiving recipe
Jonathan Ramirez
Jonathan Ramirez Acum 3 luni
What if the big bite were just Oreos.
Extremist Garchomp
Extremist Garchomp Acum 3 luni
Surprised I haven't seen anyone comment on Mari knowing what it feels like for someone to spit in her mouth
Sumron Acum 3 luni
No Meat = yeet
Gabbi Ivey
Gabbi Ivey Acum 3 luni
KOOL AID PICKLES SMACKKKKKKKKKK THERE SO GOOD lmao i thought everyone knew about them lol im southern though
gaymer supreme
gaymer supreme Acum 3 luni
watching them react to the second part is really like “have they never heard of aloe before???”
Manuel José
Manuel José Acum 4 luni
I'm really starting to dislike Keith.
Maxwell Kis
Maxwell Kis Acum 4 luni
Can we just have the first meal be called a turfuckin
Jpr0ductionz Acum 4 luni
I feel like veganism is a religion at this point.
Minty Emerald
Minty Emerald Acum 4 luni
*Do Not Eat Aloe* especially in the bottles Because they are meant for your skin and aloe is not the only ingredient in those bottles. Garrett got all natural leave. that's should obvious
piccolo rick
piccolo rick Acum 4 luni
I wanna see Garrett and mythical chef josh do something together lol
Danny Drust
Danny Drust Acum 4 luni
I want the recipe for the first meal. Garrett should post a video on how to make it
Marc Sergio G. Ilagan II
Marc Sergio G. Ilagan II Acum 4 luni
10:08 Noah Grossman did it first.
bianey castillo
bianey castillo Acum 4 luni
Ian asking Jackie if she wanted to try his dish and also breaking a piece of his cookie for her to try was really sweet! ily smosh dad
Gracie J
Gracie J Acum 4 luni
Vegan food is just food that isn't gross
Garrit Stauts
Garrit Stauts Acum 5 luni
I would go vegan but that means I can't eat meat.
Joe Luis
Joe Luis Acum 5 luni
Give them Durian
Joe Luis
Joe Luis Acum 5 luni
What Damien ate looks like a breast implant
Patricia Acheson
Patricia Acheson Acum 5 luni
I've never cut my aloe that way but apparently everyone else does judging by these comments.
kakaboomboom Acum 5 luni
notice how most of them are good because garret wants to convince them vegan food are delicious
Andy Silva
Andy Silva Acum 5 luni
8:14 thank you Damien.
Christine Peace
Christine Peace Acum 5 luni
I get that their close but when they share silverware omg xD I feel like someone would say shit but I never see comments about it lol oh well
KeyKey Rena
KeyKey Rena Acum 5 luni
I love kool aid pickles
bruh boi
bruh boi Acum 5 luni
I dislike the fact that garret made most of them good to turn them vegan😂
Poolside Toilet Productions
Poolside Toilet Productions Acum 5 luni
Even Garret was like, "yeaaa~" to Sarah trashing Aloe
Local_Kenźai Acum 5 luni
The dish mari ate looks like tampons
zoey maryjane
zoey maryjane Acum 5 luni
Jackie's lips look like a fucking beak
Chloe Stegenga
Chloe Stegenga Acum 5 luni
Can someone tell me how she knows what swamp tastes like
Xian6402 Acum 5 luni
Damien Hass.
Dr. A Preobrazhensky
Dr. A Preobrazhensky Acum 5 luni
Just so you know, 'straight up Aloe' is toxic to ingest. 👍
Mahalia Smith
Mahalia Smith Acum 5 luni
Love how the vegan cookies are shaped like animals
Macnatty Acum 5 luni
Can we appreciate Keith calling his own ass out for telling Jackie not to eat the fauxducken? He like realized he did that. Most people don't realize when they do that.
Rainbow Demon
Rainbow Demon Acum 5 luni
10:40 Jacky dinged before one was finished thats early start.
Alexander Acum 5 luni
as a vegan i really enjoyed this episode!
Juan Carlos Liberona
Juan Carlos Liberona Acum 5 luni
6:35 You know what that is, don't pretend
Brooke Judy
Brooke Judy Acum 5 luni
When Jacky asked Damien to lady and the tramp the pickle and he said no😰😭😭😭😭
Esa K.
Esa K. Acum 6 luni
Julia Maloney
Julia Maloney Acum 6 luni
I’m still shocked that they don’t know about aloe
wendy summer19
wendy summer19 Acum 6 luni
Y'all should do a ASMR foods next!!! Please!!
Trey Simms
Trey Simms Acum 6 luni
Looking back at this and the comments I'm just sad nobody remembers the put it in my mouth episode ft. L-corn where Sarah Submitted the pickles and kool-aid for them to eat cause corn hates pickles
Colton M
Colton M Acum 6 luni
Who is hungry watching these videos?
- Rearmostline95 -
- Rearmostline95 - Acum 6 luni
I love dunkaroos everyone should try it when you come to Canada
Daniel Clayton
Daniel Clayton Acum 6 luni
“Don’t decide for her” says the liberal who votes in politicians who decide for you
Daniel Cabrera
Daniel Cabrera Acum 6 luni
When Damien said molasses I expected a “I barely know her!” when he didn’t say it my disappointment was immeasurable and my day was ruined
Carissa Simmers
Carissa Simmers Acum 6 luni
Ian is the smosh dad/big brother and I love it
Kyla Luv
Kyla Luv Acum 6 luni
Guessing before its said first is a tofurkey
IDontWant ToLive
IDontWant ToLive Acum 6 luni
It's the first time all the dishes are good and Shane is not there...
TennoHack Acum 7 luni
"Here's the rules: The first to ding the bell eats-" *skips forward 5 seconds* "THE BIG BITE"
Dana Procell
Dana Procell Acum 7 luni
Can Smosh sell a garret cookbook for the holidays?
Shelia Lopez
Shelia Lopez Acum 7 luni
Dumbasses not knowing what aloe is
girlandumbrella Acum 7 luni
Aloe Aloe itself is VILE
cecep chaerudin
cecep chaerudin Acum 7 luni
Shanks nestle instead did burger right People I’m should nice food ok 😇😉
Daleisarock Acum 7 luni
Vegan food is what it takes to keep Shayne from being on the show.
JYNXoner Acum 7 luni
didnt noah eat koolaid pickles in his food show
abby ankrah
abby ankrah Acum 7 luni
Aww I can’t watch this the same after the torture Jackie went through in the pie episode💀💀🥺
Derek Cote
Derek Cote Acum 7 luni
Keith seems like the kinda guy who won't like stuff because vegan is in the name.
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