America's Next Top Karen
Who's The Best Imposter?
Who's The Best Imposter?
CorndogTheMagnificent Acum 23 ore
Does anyone know the name of the song at 4:09 ?
David C
David C Acum 23 ore
Wait..but Noah in a skirt ❤️💙
weird Shrek facts
weird Shrek facts Acum 23 ore
I think you should post more American top videos
dilly dilly
dilly dilly Acum o Zi
we need show with no name again
Kai Liptan
Kai Liptan Acum o Zi
Woah Sarah looks rly good in this vid 😳
Clare A. Hatter
Clare A. Hatter Acum o Zi
This was so heartwarming and good for my soul.
Noah Buie
Noah Buie Acum o Zi
Please don’t say God’s name in vain
Seth Lengkeek
Seth Lengkeek Acum o Zi
This is easily my favorite episode
Ichutoku Acum o Zi
Damn those compliments were so nice 😭😭☺️
Glendaria Acum o Zi
Life before covid was so crazy, today we watch this and look like a colective suicide
ashutosh rana
ashutosh rana Acum o Zi
They should Never put Keith in these videos ! He always yeets it🤮🤮🤮
BreadyBogus Acum o Zi
8:57 My favorite clip
TheLightningPlays Acum o Zi
Bro it was silent when Shayne was walking back in. Tension was super thick
Celyn Jasmine Gerial
Celyn Jasmine Gerial Acum o Zi
1:10 Olivia and Courtney at the back tho. also at 5:12 what is Olivia doing??😂
Mr. Ewaphant
Mr. Ewaphant Acum o Zi
America’s next top mannequin. It’s literally nothing but mannequins.
Mary Acum o Zi
Shayne comforting Olivia is everything! 💖💖💖
Aubrey Sumner
Aubrey Sumner Acum o Zi
This was the sweetest thing I have ever seen😭😭
The Randomizer
The Randomizer Acum o Zi
Whats the song they used to demonize stuff?
East lake street
East lake street Acum o Zi
The more i watch this the more pissed off i get. All of this is completely gross and offensive and extremely uneducated. This shines no light to real life addiction this doesnt even come close. Ignorance really is bliss.
East lake street
East lake street Acum o Zi
Still adorable how clueless they are.
Christene Sanders
Christene Sanders Acum o Zi
Luke should have said I came for the under world
MrGranlie Acum o Zi
When I make a sandwich, I always think, 'Is this going to fit in a sandwich bag?'.
Del Acum o Zi
8:53 Rayman Origins
AceBobcat Acum o Zi
"My best friend killed Ironman's parents. But hey, kayfabe!" I got that reference, and was surprised Xavier didn't crack RIGHT there. (Kayfabe is a wrestling term that refers to the illusion of wrestling being "real." Think of it as a fourth wall. Ex: In kayfabe, Kane and The Undertaker are brothers. In reality, they're not.)
MADOG Acum o Zi
Omg I looked everywhere for this just so I can hear Noah say ALUMINUM EM
Bigllama2121 Acum o Zi
How tf did he not laught.... He. He is invincible
SuperSlayer 17
SuperSlayer 17 Acum o Zi
2:52 “So I can go like this. HYAA- 5 hour energy drinks” Ads, gotta love em
Im McRingo
Im McRingo Acum o Zi
this had to be so painful for Ian... Ouch
animal Squad
animal Squad Acum o Zi
Its spelled flanqks
The Villain In This Game
The Villain In This Game Acum o Zi
Well shit I cried too.
The Night Ranger
The Night Ranger Acum o Zi
1:33 ... ... ...
Lex Will
Lex Will Acum o Zi
I didn’t even wanna laugh at the magikarp skit but I laughed SO HARD EVERYTIME 😭
Angel Banuelos
Angel Banuelos Acum o Zi
Spencer you're commot makes no sense
sauce gay
sauce gay Acum o Zi
Keith came out lookin like Michael Jackson
Johanna Chavarria Evangelista
Johanna Chavarria Evangelista Acum o Zi
Is no one gonna talk abt that badonkadonk that keith has
dr phil’s sugar baby
dr phil’s sugar baby Acum o Zi
busy busiest keith: BUS
Andrew Harper
Andrew Harper Acum o Zi
I assure you, as a jack in the box worker, the people inside heard EVERYTHING that was being said while they were ordering. it is also understandable that they asked if they were joking. 56 dollar orders take like 20 minutes to make, plus however many other orders were in front of them
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson Acum o Zi
Nobody's gonna talk about how joe beretta just appeared out of nowhere
Brooks Manis
Brooks Manis Acum o Zi
I dont think gus is human he dont spit up water he doesn't flinch when getting waxed he is 100% a alien.
Jennifer Zacher
Jennifer Zacher Acum o Zi
Braden Acum o Zi
With full context, “chapter two” might just be the funniest joke I’ve ever seen on this channel
Dominique Silver
Dominique Silver Acum o Zi
I never would of expected that Courtney likes Oliver Tree
YouTube Drifter
YouTube Drifter Acum o Zi
Ok dumb dumb you can just block someone's number 🤣
Tamara Van Hart
Tamara Van Hart Acum o Zi
That is my kind of sandwich courtney. Yummy
sit and listen
sit and listen Acum o Zi
Olivia isn't funny at all
Red eye Mysteries
Red eye Mysteries Acum o Zi
yo they should fly me down for this show
Raena Kimbrell
Raena Kimbrell Acum o Zi
at 2:05 Shayne's face was making me laugh so hard
Ian Gillmor
Ian Gillmor Acum o Zi
0:02 Drag queen Michael Myers.
Donald Youngberg
Donald Youngberg Acum o Zi
Except that doesn't sound like clamps all too much...
pinkzunn Acum o Zi
i think shayne enjoyed this too much
Mark Christensen
Mark Christensen Acum o Zi
Courtney got me thinking Netflix & sandwiches
Lemonade Powder
Lemonade Powder Acum o Zi
2:40 peak comedy
Ohmrita Acum o Zi
Ian is a perfect boyfriend material
zachary greist
zachary greist Acum o Zi
Ify is great need him in more try not to laughs
Tarun Eisen
Tarun Eisen Acum o Zi
Olivia doing speech and debate immediatly makes her my fav
Jackson Gray
Jackson Gray Acum o Zi
14:14 it’s leviosa not leviosa
Annabelle Miller
Annabelle Miller Acum o Zi
rage monkey
rage monkey Acum o Zi
Messed Up Studios
Messed Up Studios Acum o Zi
8:35 Nowadays, Carson Does other things with kids.
Connor Chmelyk
Connor Chmelyk Acum o Zi
my mom was a video store...
Seth Williams
Seth Williams Acum o Zi
It takes REAL talent to be as bad at this as Olivia is
Arran Scaranari-Methven
Arran Scaranari-Methven Acum o Zi
Gus's celebrity lookalike is Alex hirsh
ImmaBEAST Acum o Zi
Olivia is so annoying
Kaya Kimmey
Kaya Kimmey Acum o Zi
Shane should’ve won smh
Heidi Hinckley
Heidi Hinckley Acum o Zi
CMP is central Maine power
reddybear Acum o Zi
3:02 Shane legit sounded just like Owen Wilson when he said his name was Mari Takahashi
Kaya Kimmey
Kaya Kimmey Acum o Zi
Shane is like Cathy from Dance Moms
Lord's_Gamer 1
Lord's_Gamer 1 Acum o Zi
When Shayne and Courtney revealed their answers for that final question, my brain legit saw the "com" and auto-completed "munism" XD
queen dio
queen dio Acum o Zi
Garret just trying to avoid getting a sliver on the spinner to eat his nasty food
That Juhh
That Juhh Acum o Zi
why does courtney sound like tana mongoose in this video
Faith Kivette
Faith Kivette Acum o Zi
America's next top vegan..
Savion Ladizinsky
Savion Ladizinsky Acum o Zi
america's next Topp
lil mexico
lil mexico Acum o Zi
Psycho Mantis
Psycho Mantis Acum o Zi
Shane would be the Holocaust ngl
George Prewitt
George Prewitt Acum o Zi
In high school i was cringey the whole way through. I started being myself at around senior year dressing normally still weird but me nonetheless
Renee Martin
Renee Martin Acum o Zi
Double-Decker Buiscut
Double-Decker Buiscut Acum o Zi
Let's all be honest... if this were real life people would say Karyn like Karen, but then Karyn gon come in and say, "ITS PRONOUNCED KUH RIN NOT KAREN YOU IMBISILS"
Jennifer Hanley
Jennifer Hanley Acum o Zi
I love this cooking show style idea but Keith doesn’t like food lol